so·liv·a·gant : a solitary wanderer

This word, it has become my favourite word, as of late. It speaks to me in a way I can only try to make others understand, though most might not. Most people I have talked to have never even heard of the word, and to be honest, I am not sure when I was made aware that such a word existed. All I know is that ever since I heard the word, it stuck with me. Different dictionaries define it as ‘wandering alone’, or ‘solitary wanderer’; and I have even seen it defined as ‘solitary adventurer’. All definitions slightly different but all the same; same same but different, as they say in Thailand.
Now as I prepare for my next journey ahead of me, traveling across Canada, on my own, to move to Whitehorse, YT, I have begun to think of my past solitary travels, and how it has affected my life and who I am today. I decided it was time to start writing again. This blog will follow my travels along the Trans Canada Highway, as I make my way to my next ‘home’. I write ‘home’ in such a way, because ‘home’ is defined as “the place where one lives permanently” but as a solivagant, I have had many ‘homes’. I grew up in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, and when asked I would probably tell people this is my home, but it is not the only place I would describe as ‘home’. In 2009, I spent the better part of the year making Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia, my ‘home’. Even though I had 3 different living arrangements all in one year – one in Sippy Downs, one in Mooloolaba and one in Buderim – Mooloolaba will always hold a special place in my heart, as my ‘home’. In 2012, I spent five months living in one of the most amazing cities in the world, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand. It may have been a short time, but something about that city felt like ‘home’ to me.
Now I start my journey in less than a week, to make a new place my ‘home’. I don’t have any exact time frame of how long I plan to stay, but a solivagant never really does. All I plan to do is get in my car Monday morning and begin my journey across the country. I will follow the open road. There will be music. There will be sunrises and sunsets. There will be moments I will never forget. There will be smiles. There will be laughter. There will be tears. There will be pain. And I may get to my destination the same person as I was when I left, or I may change along the way, only time will tell. All I really know is I am looking forward to finding out what this next chapter of my life has in store for me.
I started this blog to not only write of my journey to my new ‘home’ in the Yukon, but to look back at my past journeys to the other places I have called ‘home’. One day I may decide to write about the amazing moment that happened the other day, and it might spark a memory of a time I spent in Australia, and I will write the next day of that memory. I will follow no chronological order, this blog is where I choose to write about what I know, and what I know is the life of a solivagant, as that solivagant is me.

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