narcissistic tendencies

I can be rather vain at times, yes Carly Simon this song is about me. I will admit it, vanity can get the best of me sometimes. Ask my parents how many times I have told them I am beautiful… yes you read that right, not how many times they have told me, how many times I have told them. Okay so I may not be as vain as that makes me seem, I mostly do it for a laugh, but I am aware that I am not unfortunate looking. I have been blessed with good genes, and some features that could be considered attractive, but I am not here to brag about being good looking. I will leave it at that. I wanted to preface this post with this, so you know what kind of person you are dealing with here. I am not narcissistic, just confident in myself.

This is the ‘check out my drastically new hair’ selfie.

Now that all being said, let’s get to the point, I want to talk about selfies. I know it is a much discussed topic of conversation. Everyone has their opinion on it, and everyone has taken a selfie here or there, regardless their opinions on it. Starting out as something people did for their MySpace profiles, the self-portrait photograph was not referred to as a selfie until around 2005. Selfies only really gained popularity, in people outside of their teenage years, in the 2010s, being one of the top 10 buzzwords of 2012. I mean, there is a reason we have the front-facing cameras on our phones now. Everyone wants to take selfies. And there is nothing wrong with that.

‘check out my blue hair’ selfie
‘check out my new dress’ selfie

‘John Legend concert with Chelsea’ selfie

Now as for people’s opinions, they vary person to person. Some people I have talked to believe that people take (and post) selfies because they are full of themselves, vain and/or narcissistic. While others have the opposite opinion, that the reason people post these selfies all the time is that they are insecure, in need of reassurance from others that they are hot/beautiful/sexy/etc. Personally, I think that both may be true, but not every person is taking (and posting) selfies for the same reason. The reason I post a selfie will differ from day to day. My day to day selfies are usually to just post about the new dress I bought (it’s an obsession of mine) or if I changed my hair. Yeah sure, I want you to like it, but whether you like my picture of me in my new dress or not, I still like myself and my new dress. I think many people are the same as me, they want to take a selfie to show off something new, or they take it with a friend as a memory of being somewhere together. Gaining popularity is the celebrity selfie, who needs an autograph when you have picture of you and the celebrity taken on your phone? The thing I will agree with, that doesn’t need to be done, is the exact same selfie, of your face, every day, the same way. That’s when the selfie gets a bad rap. We know what you look like, yes we see you have very nice cleavage again. Fantastic for you. Please show me something more. Intrigue me with your selfie.

I call this the provincial selfie series.

The reason I have been thinking about this recently, is that for my solo journey across Canada, I bought what they call a selfie stick. I was laughed at a little when I did – thanks Vanessa – but I was not worried about that. I did not buy it to take selfies of me just at home in my room; I bought it because I was about to go on an adventure by myself and I am one who enjoys having pictures of myself at the places I visit. Call me vain, call me what you will, but landscape pictures don’t always cut it for me. And to be honest, many times random other people don’t cut it either. They mean well, when they offer to take a picture of you, or you and whoever you are with, but often times the picture is zoomed in on you without the background, aka the whole point of getting the picture taken. It often frustrates me. Which is why, I bought the selfie stick. And boy am I ever glad I did. I have ridiculous selfies of me all over Canada, hey I even had a fantastic photographer take a picture of me, taking a picture of myself with the selfie stick, at Lake Louise. That is pretty epic, in my opinion anyways.

Taken by the fabulous @candidcameraman at Lake Louise, Alberta

Now let’s be honest, as vain as I may say I can be, taking picture of myself is often fairly awkward. How many pictures does one really take of themselves before they settle on one? I am sure most wouldn’t want to admit the actual number. No one wants to take a bad selfie and post it for the world to see, we can all at least admit to that. But me, I am super awkward in life. Put me in front of a camera, and I am even moreso, just ask my exboyfriend the photographer; hard to be someone’s muse when I can’t even smile for the camera, or pose nicely. So my go to for pictures, is the peace sign. I can’t help it. Ever since Thailand, it has become my thing. Don’t know how to pose? Peace sign. Feeling rather silly taking a selfie? Throw up that peace sign. It’s my security blanket for the photo world. I know many probably roll their eyes when they see ‘yet another peace sign selfie’, but alas, I can’t help but chuckle every time I do it. How many selfies can one take across the world giving the peace sign? I will find out.

Peace signs in Jasper, Alberta.
Lake Louise peace sign selfie… it’s my thing.
Moraine Lake, Alberta

An oldie from El Nido, Philippines, just in case you thought I was kidding about the peace sign.

Some may agree with the things I have said here, some may not. Both opinions are okay. To each their own. I am not saying you have to like my selfies, or even look at them. But I will continue to post them. I like selfies. They are fun, and I feel as though I am confident enough in my own skin, that how many likes/comments I get on my selfies does not determine my own self worth. And the moment that is does, is when I need to sign off from the social media world and reevaluate myself and my life. So I say keep up your selfies my friends, I love seeing your beautiful faces, especially when I am far away from them and missing them. And you can see my face any time I feel like subjecting the social media world to ‘yet another selfie’.

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