around the world

Ever since I went to Australia, I have been dreaming of traveling to as many countries as I possibly can. As I thought about all the possibilities, I had a dream that perhaps I could teach in every continent one day. It was a wonderful dream. One that unfortunately seems unrealistic when compared to my other dream of having my own classroom in the Toronto area one day. You see, at the moment it’s hard enough to get on the supply list for teaching, let alone to get a full time permanent position. This is why I have decided to spend the school year in the Yukon, gaining some experience in Canada.

This does not mean I have given up my dream completely. I still will follow my heart to every continent somehow. And after a lengthy discussion with one of my roommates last night I have figured out exactly what I need to do…
I will my try best to stick it out in Whitehorse until the end of the school year in June. At that point, if I have not made it on a supply list back at home in Toronto (or Durham), I plan to buy a Round the World plane ticket and spend as long as I can seeing the countries I really want to see, visiting the friends I have made all over the world, and just doing what I want to do. 
Recently I saved up a lot of money, it was supposed to be for a surprise trip to South America for my now ex-boyfriend for his birthday, a lot of it anyways. That clearly did not work out as planned, glad he broke up with me before I wasted money on that, to be honest. But after spending half of it on my car and the road trip here, I now want to keep saving and use it for what it is intended for – travel. 
This is my goal. I am writing this so I can focus on it and make it happen. As well as a way to reach out to anyone who has done this before for information, tips, etc. Also it’s my way to prepare my friends across the world to get their spare rooms ready, I am coming to visit! My main goal is still to get on the supply list, teaching is my passion. I want that more than anything. But traveling has become another passion of mine. And right now, with the past year having kicked my ass a bit, I believe I deserve a trip around the world, on me 😉

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