i’ll endure the night, for promise of the light

What is it about sunrises and sunsets that are so intriguing? I know I am not the only one who chases them. Everywhere I go, I love finding the best place to watch the sun come up or the sun go down. It’s as if the view of the mountains, the city, the people, it’s never good enough without the promise of colours filling the sky and the sun comes into view, or out of view. After experiencing so many alone, as well as with others, I can honestly say that it is magical no matter who you are with.

Sunset in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines 

On my own, watching the sun rise or set, it gives me a sense of peace. I almost meditate in the moment with focus on the sun and it’s movement. The colours fill the sky and make me calm. It’s healing in a way, to watch another day start or end, knowing that whatever negativity you endured before this, it will be washed away in thoughts of yesterday. As a new day begins, so does hope for a better day. I do love a good sunset, but those sunrises are what really get me. As the sky begins to change colour, it paints the darkness with pinks, purples, yellows and oranges. All the darkness you were feeling, it lightens it up. Brings new perspectives, with the new colours. Allows you to let go of the negativity, and bring forth the positivity. I remember waking up the past year, before the sun, having a hard time getting up and ready for my day in darkness, but as soon as I was driving and saw that sunrise in my rearview mirror, it was like a reawakening. I was ready for my day.

Rearview mirror sunrises on the 401

Sunrise in the Northern Rockies, Muncho Lake, BC

Sunrise on top of the Clay Cliffs behind my house in Whitehorse, YT

Sunrise and rainbow welcoming me to Banff

Sunrise in Northern Rockies, Muncho Lake, BC

Sunsets are just as enchanting. Especially when watching the sun set with the person you love. I remember as Ryan and I traveled, whether in South East Asia, or last year in Europe on the cruise, we chased those sunsets. It was amazing to be able to watch the sun set in so many different places in the world, and share that with someone else. Some of my favourite pictures from my travels are the sunsets I have captured. And regardless if my relationship has ended, those memories of chasing sunsets will never end. And I will always have the pictures to look upon and remember how good it felt to be surrounded by the colours in the sky and be with the person who I loved more than anything at that moment. There is something majestically romantic about watching the sun go down on another day spent with that person. Forget dinners, flowers, jewellery, just take me to the sunset for romance. It is all I need.

Sunset in Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia

Silhouettes in the sunset in Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia
Will always be my favourite sunset picture
I know it may seem ridiculous to some, posting pictures of someone I no longer am dating and myself kissing in front of a sunset. But it is a fantastic picture, and it was an amazing moment, and it is something I will never forget. I never understand hiding pictures away of moments like these, just because things didn’t work out between you. Whenever I watch the sunset, I think of this moment and how lucky I was to experience such epic sunsets with him, in so many places in the world. And I am glad we captured moments on camera, especially since he is a much better photographer than I. And I can’t wait to experience more on my own, when I continue to travel and get better in my photography skills. 
So today, go watch the sunset. Appreciate the beauty. No matter where I go, I am always chasing the sun.

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