the life of a solivagant – GoPro TimeLapse Road Trip Across Canada : Toronto to Whitehorse

When I drove from Toronto to Whitehorse, I had a GoPro camera suction cupped to the inside of my windshield facing outwards; thanks to Ryan generously lending it to me to do so. I set the camera up to see what I saw as I drove, and take a picture every 60 seconds. With those pictures I finally got around to creating a time-lapse video of my road trip moving here. It isn’t the best, but I am proud of it nonetheless. It was an incredible drive and I got to really see Canada. And although it rained here and there on my drive, and the video doesn’t quite captured how truly beautiful this country is, it captures what I went through perfectly. I chose the song ‘You Are A Tourist’ by Death Cab for Cutie to be the soundtrack for it, because that is the song I listened to every morning when I got into my car. Here it is:

and if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born then it’s time to go, and define your destination there’s so many different places to call home…

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